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    • The breeding of japonica varieties with erect-pose panicle (EP) has recently progressed in the northern part of China, because these varieties exhibit a far higher grain yield than the varieties with normal-pose panicle (NP)
    • Experimental results showed that EP gene markedly enhanced grain yield, chiefly by increasing number of secondary branches and number of grains on the secondary branch
    • Identification and characterization of the erect-pose panicle gene EP conferring high grain yield in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
    • EP gene also produced a remarkable increase in grain density
    • Based on previous studies, map-based cloning of EP locus was conducted using Liaojing5, Toyonishiki, their F(2) population, and a pair of near-isogenic lines for EP locus (ZF14 and WF14) derived from the cross between the two varieties; consequently, the STS marker H90 was found to completely cosegregate with panicle pose
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