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    • Genetic analysis revealed that the erect panicle phenotype was controlled by a single recessive mutation designated erect panicle 3 (ep3)
    • A line carrying a T-DNA insertion in LOC_ Os02g15950 was obtained and shown to have the same phenotype as the ep3 mutant, thus confirming the identification of LOC_Os02g15950 as the ERECT PANICLE 3 (EP3) gene
    • The ep3 mutation causes a significant increase in the number of small vascular bundles as well as the thickness of parenchyma in the peduncle, which results in the erect panicle phenotype
    • We report herein an in-depth characterization of two allelic larger panicle (lp) mutants that show significantly increased panicle size as well as improved plant architecture
    • These results suggest that LP plays an important role in regulating plant architecture, particularly in regulating panicle architecture, thereby representing promising targets for genetic improvement of grain production plants
    • Quantitative real-time PCR results show that OsCKX2, which encodes cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase, is down-regulated evidently in mutants, implying that LP might be involved in modulating cytokinin level in plant tissues
    • Map-based cloning reveals that LARGER PANICLE (LP) encodes a Kelch repeat-containing F-box protein
    • This anatomical characteristic may account for the observed decrease in leaf photosynthesis and provides evidence that EP3 plays a role in regulating stomatal guard cell development
    • Ectopic expression of the Os02g15950 coding sequence, driven by the HWS (At3g61950) promoter, rescued the hws-1 flower phenotype in Arabidopsis confirming that EP3 is a functional orthologue of HWS
    • However, both ep3 mutant plants and transgenic lines that have a T-DNA insertion within the Os02g15950 (EP3) gene exhibit smaller stomatal guard cells compared with their wild-type controls
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