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    • The root Fd cDNA clone (pFDRR) was 603 bp long which contained 261-bp 5’ region encoding the C-terminal 72 amino acid residues and 342-bp 3’ noncoding region
    • The root Fd gene contained 1091-bp 5’ upstream, 444-bp coding and 294-bp 3’ noncoding regions
    • Homology between the rice root and leaf Fds showed 60%, while the former protein shared much higher identity with other nonphotosynthetic Fds (66~88%)
    • Expression of the root Fd gene was induced in response to nitrate and ammonium
    • Southern blot analysis using pFDRR and the rice leaf Fd cDNA (pFDRL) as a DNA probe identified their corresponding genomic Fd DNA
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