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    • Here, we have examined a long sterile lemma1 (g1) mutant, in which the sterile lemma is enlarged like the lemma
    • Detailed phenotypic analysis reveals that the large sterile lemma in the g1 mutant appears to be caused by homeotic transformation of the sterile lemma into a lemma, suggesting that G1 is involved in the repression of lemma identity to specify the sterile lemma
    • G1 mRNA is expressed in sterile lemma primordia throughout their development, and G1 protein is localized in the nucleus
    • We also show that a wild rice species, Oryza grandiglumis, that forms large sterile lemmas has serious mutations in the G1 gene
    • The homeotic gene long sterile lemma (G1) specifies sterile lemma identity in the rice spikelet
    • Repression of lemma identity by G1 is consistent with a hypothesis proposed to explain the morphological evolution of rice spikelets
    • Generally, our findings provided valuable information for better understanding functions of G1 and OsLHS1 in flower development and identities of empty glumes
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