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    • Sequence search revealed that CYP78A13 has a paralogue Grain<U+2005>Length 3.2 (GL3.2, LOC_Os03g30420) in rice with distinct expression patterns, analysis of transgenic plants harbouring either CYP78A13 or GL3.2 showed that both can promote grain growth.
    • Both CYP78A13 and GL3.2 promote seed growth in rice
    • It was predicted that CYP78A13 was associated with grain width, while another P450 paralogue located on chromosome 3, LOC_Os03g30420, which we named Grain Length3.2 (GL3.2), was associated with grain length
    • Overexpression of CYP78A13 and GL3.2 both resulted in enlarged grain sizes.
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