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    • We showed that GSE5 regulates grain size predominantly by influencing cell proliferation in spikelet hulls
    • Natural Variation in the Promoter of GSE5 Contributes to Grain Size Diversity in Rice.
    • Taken together, our results indicate that the previously unrecognized GSE5 gene in the qSW5/GW5 locus that is widely utilized by rice breeders controls grain size and reveal that natural variation in the promoter region of GSE5 contributes to grain size diversity in rice
    • Further analyses indicate that wild rice accessions contain all the three haplotypes of GSE5, suggesting that the GSE5 haplotypes present in cultivated rice are likely to have originated from different wild rice accessions during rice domestication
    • GSE5 encodes a plasma membrane-associated protein with IQ domains (IQD), which interacts with the rice calmodulin protein, OsCaM1-1
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