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    • OsSPL16 (GW8), an SBP-domain transcription factor that regulates grain width, bound directly to the GW7 promoter and repressed its expression
    • Upregulation of GW7 expression was correlated with the production of more slender grains, as a result of increased cell division in the longitudinal direction and decreased cell division in the transverse direction
    • Copy number variation at the GL7 locus contributes to grain size diversity in rice.
    • 1-kb segment at the GL7 locus leads to upregulation of GL7 and downregulation of its nearby negative regulator, resulting in an increase in grain length and improvement of grain appearance quality
    • Sequence analysis indicates that allelic variants of GL7 and its negative regulator are associated with grain size diversity and that the CNV at the GL7 locus was selected for and used in breeding
    • GL7 encodes a protein homologous to Arabidopsis thaliana LONGIFOLIA proteins, which regulate longitudinal cell elongation
    • Our work suggests that pyramiding beneficial alleles of GL7 and other yield- and quality-related genes may improve the breeding of elite rice varieties
    • Natural Variations in SLG7 Regulate Grain Shape in Rice.
    • The SLG7 allele from Azucena produces longer and thinner grains, while has no influence on grain weight and yield production
    • Our findings show that the functions of SLG7 family members are conserved across monocots and dicots, and the SLG7 allele could be applied in breeding to modify rice grain appearance
    • Morphological and cellular analyses suggested that SLG7 produces slender grains by longitudinally increasing cell length, while transversely decreasing cell width, which is independent from cell division
    • SLG7 is constitutively expressed in various tissues in rice, and the SLG7 protein is located in plasma membrane
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