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    • Phenotypic analysis revealed that overexpressed KRP1 reduced cell production during leaf development
    • The cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor Orysa;KRP1 plays an important role in seed development of rice
    • Also, spatial and temporal transcript detection in developing seeds suggests that Orysa;KRP1 plays an important role in the exit from the mitotic cell cycle during rice grain formation
    • However, phyB mutants exhibited reduced total leaf area per plant, which was probably due to a reduction in the total number of cells per leaf caused by enhanced expression of Orysa;KRP1 and Orysa;KRP4 (encoding inhibitors of cyclin-dependent kinase complex activity) in the phyB mutants
    • Sectioning through the overexpressed KRP1 seeds showed that KRP overproduction disturbed the production of endosperm cells
    • The decrease in the number of fully formed seeds was accompanied by a drop in the endoreduplication of endosperm cells, pointing toward a role of KRP1 in connecting endocycle with endosperm development
    • Furthermore, Orysa;KRP1 overexpression dramatically reduced seed filling
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