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    • In plants, iron (Fe) is essential for mitochondrial electron transport, heme, and Fe-Sulphur (Fe-S) cluster synthesis; however, plant mitochondrial Fe transporters have not been identified
    • Here we show, identify and characterize the rice mitochondrial Fe transporter (MIT)
    • These results indicate that MIT is a mitochondrial Fe transporter essential for rice growth and development
    • The rice mitochondrial iron transporter is essential for plant growth
    • The screening of 3,993 mutant lines for symptoms of Fe deficiency resulted in the identification and characterization of a major mitochondrial Fe transporter (MIT) in rice
    • Identification and characterization of the major mitochondrial Fe transporter in rice
    • Here, we discuss the characterization of a rice vacuolar Fe transporter 2 (OsVIT2) T-DNA insertion line (osvit2) and report that the knockdown of OsVIT2 and mitochondrial Fe transporter (MIT) expression affects seed Fe localization
    • MIT localized to the mitochondria and complemented the growth of Deltamrs3Deltamrs4 yeast defective in mitochondrial Fe transport
    • The growth of MIT-knockdown (mit-2) plants was also significantly impaired despite abundant Fe accumulation
    • MIT was found to localize to mitochondria and to complement the growth of a yeast strain defective in mitochondrial Fe transport
    • Further, the decrease in the activity of the mitochondrial and cytosolic Fe-S enzyme, aconitase, indicated that Fe-S cluster synthesis is affected in mit-2 plants
    • The knock-out of MIT resulted in a lethal phenotype, and in knock-down plants, several agronomic characteristics were compromised, such as plant height, average number of tillers, days to flower, fertility, and yield
    • The knockdown of OsVIT2 and MIT affects iron localization in rice seed
    • Previously, we reported that the expression of OsVIT2 was higher in MIT knockdown (mit-2) plants, and in this study, the accumulation of Fe in mit-2 seeds decreased significantly
    • Moreover, changes in the expression of OsVIT2 and MIT affect the concentration and localization of metals in brown rice as well as in polished rice seeds
    • Despite rapid progress in our understanding of Fe homeostasis in plants, Fe transport from the cytoplasm to mitochondria was, until recently, poorly understood
    • Furthermore, the mitochondrial Fe concentration and the activity of the mitochondrial Fe-S enzyme aconitase were significantly reduced compared with wild-type plants
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