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    • Mutation of ONAC096 Enhances Grain Yield by Increasing Panicle Number and Delaying Leaf Senescence during Grain Filling in Rice.
    • Here, we report that rice ONAC096 affects grain yield by regulating leaf senescence and panicle number
    • Two independent T-DNA insertion mutants (onac096-1 and onac096-2) with downregulated ONAC096 expression retained their green leaf color during natural senescence in the field, thus extending their photosynthetic capacity
    • Reverse-transcription quantitative PCR analysis showed that ONAC096 upregulated genes controlling chlorophyll degradation and leaf senescence
    • ONAC096 mediates abscisic acid (ABA)-induced leaf senescence by upregulating the ABA signaling genes ABA INSENSITIVE5 and ENHANCED EM LEVEL
    • ONAC096 expression increased rapidly in rice leaves upon the initiation of aging- and dark-induced senescence
    • Repressed OsCKX2 (encoding cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase) expression in the onac096 mutants led to a 15% increase in panicle number without affecting grain weight or fertility
    • The onac096 mutants showed a 16% increase in grain yield, highlighting the potential for using this gene to increase grain production
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