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    • Silencing the Oryza sativa plasma membrane H +-ATPase isoform OsA2 affects grain yield and shoot growth and decreases nitrogen concentration
    • We investigated the role that the OsA2 isoform plays in the total N and growth of rice (Oryza sativa)
    • Three osa2 lines and control plants (transformed with an empty IRS154 vector and named IRS) were cultivated in the greenhouse to evaluate grain and shoot production
    • In the greenhouse experiments, compared with the IRS plants, the osa2 lines had lower shoot fresh weights, grain yields and SPAD values
    • These results indicate that the specific PM H+-ATPase isoform OsA2 affects the net flux of NO3-, N concentration, and grain yield
    • There are 10 PM H+-ATPase isoforms in the rice genome (OsA1-OsA10), and OsA2 is highly responsive to nitrate (NO3-)
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