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    • It is reported here that OsA8, a typical PM H(+)-ATPases gene that was predominantly expressed in roots of rice, is down-regulated by nutrient deficiency
    • The Osa8 mutant had a relatively smaller size and root to shoot biomass ratio, but higher ATPase activity than its wild-type counterparts under phosphorus (P) starvation conditions
    • Knockout of OsA8 affected the expression of several OsA genes and the high affinity phosphate transporter, OsPT6, and resulted in a higher P concentration in the roots and a lower amount of P in the shoots
    • These analyses demonstrate that OsA8 not only influences the uptake of P by roots, but also the translocation of P from the roots to the shoots in rice
    • Proton pump OsA8 is linked to phosphorus uptake and translocation in rice
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