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    • Transcriptome analysis of Osaap1 further demonstrated that OsAAP1 may affect the nitrogen transport and metabolism, auxin, cytokinin and strigolactone signaling in regulating rice tillering
    • Compared with the wild type ZH11, OsAAP1 overexpressing (OE) lines exhibited increased filled grain numbers as a result of enhanced tillering while RNA interference (RNAi) and CRISPR (Osaap1) knockout lines showed the opposite phenotype
    • The amino acid transporter OsAAP1 mediates growth and grain yield by regulating neutral amino acids uptake and reallocation in Oryza sativa.
    • Here, we show that OsAAP1 (Amino Acid Permease 1) functions as a positive regulator of growth and grain yield in rice
    • Taken together, these results support that increasing neutral amino acid uptake and reallocation via OsAAP1 could improve growth and grain yield in rice
    • We found that the OsAAP1 gene is highly expressed in rice axillary buds, leaves, and young panicles and that the OsAAP1 protein is localized to both the plasma membrane and the nuclear membrane
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