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    • Transcriptome analysis further demonstrated that OsAAP4 may affect nitrogen transport and metabolism, and auxin, cytokinin signaling in regulating rice tillering
    • The Amino Acid Transporter OsAAP4 Contributes to Rice Tillering and Grain Yield by Regulating Neutral Amino Acid Allocation through Two Splicing Variants.
    • Overexpression of two different splicing variants of OsAAP4 in Japonica ZH11 significantly increased rice tillering and grain yield as result of enhancing the neutral amino acid concentrations of Val, Pro, Thr and Leu
    • RESULTS: In this study, we demonstrate that OsAAP4 promoter sequences are divergent between Indica and Japonica, with higher expression in the former, which produces more tillers and higher grain yield than does Japonica
    • CONCLUSION: Our results suggested that OsAAP4 contributes to rice tiller and grain yield by regulating neutral amino acid allocation through two different splicing variants and that OsAAP4 might have potential applications in rice breeding
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