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    • OsABCG18 encodes a plasma membrane protein and is primarily expressed in the vascular tissues of the root, stem and leaf midribs
    • While the mutation reduced the root-derived cytokinins in the shoot and grain yield, overexpression of OsABCG18 significantly increased cytokinins in the shoot and improved grain yield
    • The findings for OsABCG18 as a transporter for long-distance transport of cytokinin provide new insights into the cytokinin transport mechanism and a novel strategy to increase cytokinins in the shoot and promote grain yield
    • ABC Transporter OsABCG18 Controls the Shootward Transport of Cytokinins and Grain Yield in Rice.
    • The cytokinin profiling, 14C-tZ tracer and xylem-sap assays demonstrated that the shootward transport of the root-derived cytokinins was significantly suppressed in the osabcg18 mutants
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