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    • ACOS5 and OsACOS12 are conserved for pollen wall formation in monocot and dicot species
    • The localization of OsACOS12-GFP demonstrated that OsACOS12 protein is accumulated in tapetal cells and anther locules
    • The osacos12 mutation caused by a pre-mature stop codon in LOC_Os04g24530 exhibits defective sexine resulting in a male sterile phenotype in rice
    • OsACOS12 driven by the ACOS5 promoter could partially restore the male fertility of the acos5 mutant in Arabidopsis
    • In situ hybridization shows that OsACOS12 is expressed in tapetal cells and microspores at the transcript level
    • Loss of function mutation of rice OsACOS12 impairs lipid metabolism-mediated anther cuticle and pollen wall formation, and interferes with tapetum programmed cell death, leading to male sterility
    • Rice fatty acyl-CoA synthetase OsACOS12 is required for tapetum programmed cell death and male fertility.
    • Those phenotypic changes were evident at stage 10, during which OsACOS12 had its maximum expression in tapetal cells and microspores
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