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    • OsALS1 encodes a half-size ABC transporter that is a member of the TAP (transporter associated with antigen processing) sub-group
    • Here we functionally characterized a rice gene, Os03g0755100 (OsALS1), that is regulated by ART1, a C2H2-type zinc finger transcription factor
    • Expression of OsALS1 was rapidly and specifically induced by Al in the roots, but not by other metals or low pH
    • OsALS1 was localized at all cells of the roots
    • Comparison of Al accumulation patterns between wild-type and osals1 mutants showed that there was no difference in Al levels in the cell sap of root tips between wild-type and the mutants, but the mutants accumulated more Al in the cytosol and nucleus than the wild-type
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