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    • Mutation and overexpression of OsAO3 increased and decreased grain yield, respectively, by affecting panicle number per plant, spikelet number per panicle, and spikelet fertility
    • The rice aldehyde oxidase OsAO3 gene regulates plant growth, grain yield, and drought tolerance by participating in ABA biosynthesis.
    • Thus, OsAO3 may participate in ABA biosynthesis, and is essential for regulation of seed germination, seedling growth, grain yield, and drought tolerance in rice
    • Mutation and overexpression of OsAO3 decreased and increased ABA levels, respectively, in seedling shoots and roots under both normal and drought stress conditions
    • The osao3 mutant exhibited earlier seed germination, increased seedling growth, and decreased drought tolerance compared to the wild-type, OsAO3-overexpressing lines exhibited the opposite phenotype
    • OsAO3 was expressed in germinated seeds, roots, leaves, and floral organs, particularly in vascular tissues and guard cells, and its expression was significantly induced by exogenous ABA and mannitol
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