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    • Therefore, the OsARF1 was shown to be essential for growth in vegetative organs and seed development
    • OsARF1 is the first full-length member of auxin response factor (ARF) gene family to be cloned from monocot plant
    • Antisense phenotypes reveal a functional expression of OsARF1, an auxin response factor, in transgenic rice
    • A rice homologue of the auxin response factor (ARF) family of transcriptional regulators, OsARF1, was identified
    • Steady-state levels of OsARF1 mRNA correlated positively with auxin-dependent differential growth: gravitropic stimulation enhanced the amount of OsARF1 transcript in the lower, faster-growing flank accompanied by a decrease in the upper flank of gravitropically stimulated rice coleoptiles
    • Exogenous auxin up-regulated the steady-state level of OsARF1 mRNA within 15-30 min
    • Thus, OsARF1 is the first ARF that classifies as an early auxin-responsive gene
    • OsARF1, an auxin response factor from rice, is auxin-regulated and classifies as a primary auxin responsive gene
    • In R109 leaves, the OsARF1 gene, which regulates plant growth, was expressed in consistence with growth promotion by P
    • Inversely, OsARF1 expression was coincident with inhibition in growth of HER1 leaves
    • The AS-OsARF1 plants showed extremely low growth, poor vigor, short curled leaves and tillered but were sterile
    • Using quantitative RT-PCR this study found that, the transcript abundance of OsARF1 was significantly higher in embryonic tissues than in vegetative tissues
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