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    • The OsARG protein was localized in the mitochondria, consistent with other arginases
    • OsARG encodes an arginase that plays critical roles in panicle development and grain production in rice
    • The phenotype was partially corrected supplying exogenous nitrogen, and fully corrected by a wild type OsARG transgene
    • Our results suggest that the arginase encoded by OsARG, a key enzyme in Arg catabolism, plays a critical role during panicle development, especially under conditions of insufficient exogenous nitrogen
    • OsARG, ubiquitously expressed in various organs, was more strongly expressed in the developing panicles
    • The nitric oxide content and the morphology of ARG-26 and ARG-38 seedlings were both affected by expression of the OsARG gene
    • Expression of the Rice Arginase Gene OsARG in Cotton Influences the Morphology and Nitrogen Transition of Seedlings.
    • The unique rice arginase gene OsARG is known to affect nitrogen use efficiency and is also associated with higher yields in rice
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