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    • A decrease in cellulose content but the increase in pectin and starch contents was identified in Osbc1l4 mutants by measuring the content of wall components
    • Correlation analysis indicated that the expression of OsBC1L4 was highly correlated to that of several primary wall-forming cellulose synthase genes (CESAs)
    • Moreover, the expression level of several cellulose-related genes is increased in Osbc1l4 mutants, which suggests that a feedback mechanism may exist during cellulose synthesis
    • OsBC1L4 encodes a COBRA-like protein that affects cellulose synthesis in rice
    • Previously, a dwarf mutant with fewer tillers, Osbc1l4 (Oryza sativa brittle culm 1 like 4), was identified by screening a rice T-DNA insertion mutant library
    • OsBC1L4 protein is mainly located in the cell wall and plasma membrane
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