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    • These results suggest that OsBLE3 is involved in cell elongation in rice through dual regulation by BL and IAA
    • In situ hybridization detected OsBLE3 mRNA in the shoot apical meristem, organ primordia and vascular tissue
    • Reduced OsBLE3 expression and growth retardation was also observed in OsBLE3 antisense transgenic rice plants
    • OsBLE3, a brassinolide-enhanced gene, is involved in the growth of rice
    • These results, and the existence of auxin response elements in the 5’-flanking region of the OsBLE3 gene, indicate that OsBLE3 expression is under control of both BR and auxin
    • To investigate the mechanism of BR action in monocots, a brassinolide (BL) upregulated gene designated OsBLE3 was identified, cloned and characterized in rice
    • The GUS reporter gene driven by a 2277 bp OsBLE3 putative promoter was mainly expressed in vascular tissues, branch root primordia and was responsive to exogenous BL treatment
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