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    • Osbrca2 mutant plants exhibit normal vegetative growth but experience complete male and female sterility as a consequence of severe meiotic defects
    • These results indicate that OsBRCA2 is essential for facilitating the loading of OsRAD51 and OsDMC1 onto resected ends of programmed double-strand breaks (DSB) during meiosis to promote single-end invasions of homologous chromosomes and accurate recombination
    • Rice OsBRCA2 Is Required for DNA Double-Strand Break Repair in Meiotic Cells
    • In the absence of OsBRCA2, localization to the meiotic chromosome axes of the strand-invasion proteins OsRAD51 and OsDMC1 is severely reduced and in vitro OsBRCA2 directly interacts with OsRAD51 and OsDMC1
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