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    • Additionally, we found that overexpression of OsCAF1B retards seed germination and seedling growth
    • These findings indicate that OsCAF1B participates in sugar-induced αAmy3 mRNA degradation and deadenylation, and acts a negative factor for germination and seedling development
    • The enhancement of cold tolerance by OsCAF1B in transgenic rice seedlings involved OsCAF1B deadenylase gene expression, and was associated with elevated expression of late-response cold-related transcription factor genes
    • Our results demonstrate that OsCAF1B plays an important role in growth and development of rice seedlings at low temperatures
    • The increased survival percentage and reduced electrolyte leakage exhibited by OsCAF1B overexpression transgenic lines subjected to cold stress indicate that OsCAF1B plays a positive role in rice growth under low ambient temperature
    • In the present study, we investigated the function of OsCAF1B in rice by characterizing the molecular and physiological responses to cold stress in OsCAF1B overexpression lines and dominant-negative mutant lines
    • The results reveal a hitherto undiscovered function of OsCAF1B deadenylase gene expression, which is required for adaptation to cold stress in rice
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