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    • To understand the molecular mechanisms of crown root formation, we isolated a rice mutant defective in crown root emergence designated as Oscand1 (named after the Arabidopsis homologous gene AtCAND1)
    • The defect of visible crown root in the Oscand1 mutant is the result of cessation of the G2/M cell cycle transition in the crown root meristem
    • During crown root primordium development, the expression of OsCAND1 is confined to the root cap after the establishment of fundamental organization
    • Exogenous auxin application can partially rescue the defect of crown root development in Oscand1
    • Taken together, these data show that OsCAND1 is involved in auxin signaling to maintain the G2/M cell cycle transition in crown root meristem and, consequently, the emergence of crown root
    • OsCAND1 is required for crown root emergence in rice
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