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    • Transgenic tobac-co seedlings over-expressing OsCBSCBSPB4 were found to exhibit better growth in terms of delayed leaf senescence, profuse root growth and increased biomass in contrast to the wild-type seedlings when subjected to salinity, dehydration, oxidative and extreme temperature treatments
    • OsCBSCBSPB4 is a Two Cystathionine-β-Synthase Domain-containing Protein from Rice that Functions in Abiotic Stress Tolerance.
    • We show that OsCBSCBSPB4 encodes a nucleo-cytoplasmic protein whose expression is induced in response to various abiotic stress conditions in salt-sensitive IR64 and salt-tolerant Pokkali rice cultivars
    • Our results suggest that OsCBSCBSPB4 is involved in abiotic stress response and is a potential candidate for raising multiple abiotic stress tolerant plants
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