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    • Results from different tests indicated that the OsCCC1 plays a significant role in K+ and Cl- homeostasis and rice plant development
    • sativa cDNA, which was named OsCCC1, can be induced by KCl in the shoot and root and that the expression level was higher in the leaf and root tips than in any other part of the rice plant
    • Cloning and functional characterization of a cation-chloride cotransporter gene OsCCC1
    • OsCCC1 was expressed in all cells of the roots, leaf and basal node
    • The expression of OsCCC1 was found in both the roots and shoots although higher expression was found in the root tips
    • Introduction of OsCCC1 cDNA into the mutant rescued the mutant growth, indicating that growth defect of both the roots and shoots are caused by loss of function of OsCCC1
    • These results suggest that OsCCC1 is involved in the cell elongation by regulating ion homeostasis to maintain cellular osmotic potential
    • Immunoblot analysis revealed that OsCCC1 was mainly localized to the plasma membrane
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