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    • OsCHR4 was mainly expressed in the root meristem, flower, vascular bundle, and mesophyll cells by promoter::GUS analysis in transgenic rice
    • The transcripts of some nuclear- and plastid-encoded genes required for early chloroplast development and photosynthesis were decreased in the adaxial albino mesophyll of the Oschr4 mutant
    • Ultrastructural observations indicated that proplastid growth and/or thylakoid membrane formation in adaxial mesophyll cells was blocked in the Oschr4 mutant
    • The Oschr4 mutant exhibited defective chloroplasts in adaxial mesophyll, but not in abaxial mesophyll
    • These observations provide evidence that OsCHR4, the rice Mi-2-like protein, plays an important role in early chloroplast development in adaxial mesophyll cells
    • Molecular cloning and characterization of OsCHR4, a rice chromatin-remodeling factor required for early chloroplast development in adaxial mesophyll
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