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    • While OsCPK24 knockdown plants exhibited increased sensitivity to cold compared to wild type, OsCPK24-overexpressing plants exhibited increased cold tolerance
    • Together, our results suggest that OsCPK24 functions as a positive regulator of cold stress tolerance in rice, a process mediated by calcium signaling and involving phosphorylation and the inhibition of OsGrx10 to sustain higher glutathione levels
    • The calcium-dependent kinase OsCPK24 functions in cold stress responses in rice.
    • Plants overexpressing OsCPK24 exhibited increased accumulation of proline (an osmoprotectant) and glutathione (an antioxidant) and maintained a higher GSH/GSSG (reduced glutathione to oxidized glutathione) ratio during cold stress compared to wild type
    • In addition to these effects in responses to cold stress, we found that the kinase activity of OsCPK24 varied under different calcium concentrations
    • Further, OsCPK24 phosphorylated OsGrx10, a glutathione-dependent thioltransferase, at rates modulated by changes in calcium concentration
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