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    • Yield-related agronomic traits, including flowering time and effective tiller number, were altered in osctr2 and 35S:OsCTR2 (1-513) transgenic lines
    • The osctr2 loss-of-function mutation and expression of the 35S:OsCTR2 (1-513) transgene that encodes the OsCTR2 N terminus (residues 1-513) revealed several and many aspects, respectively, of ethylene-induced growth alteration in rice
    • Because the osctr2 allele did not produce all aspects of ethylene-induced growth alteration, the ethylene-receptor signal output might be mediated in part by OsCTR2 and by other components in rice
    • Our understanding of roles of ethylene in various aspects of growth and development in japonica rice varieties could be advanced with the use of the osctr2 and 35S:OsCTR2 (1-513) transgenic lines
    • Arabidopsis ethylene receptors ETHYLENE RESPONSE1 and ETHYLENE RESPONSE SENSOR1 physically interacted with OsCTR2 on yeast two-hybrid assay, and green fluorescence protein-tagged OsCTR2 was localized at the endoplasmic reticulum
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