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    • Genetic complementation demonstrated that OsDET1 mutation conferred the enhanced Chl content in the Gc mutant leaf
    • Here, we found that OsDET1 is essential for maintaining normal rice development
    • In conclusion, our data suggest that OsDET1 plays an important role in maintaining normal development in rice, and mediates the crosstalk between ABA biosynthesis and ABA signaling pathways in rice
    • OsDET1 Modulates the ABA Signaling Pathway and ABA Biosynthesis in Rice
    • The repression of OsDET1 had detrimental effects on plant development, and we found that OsDET1 is involved in modulating ABA signaling in rice
    • OsDET1 RNAi plants exhibited an ABA hypersensitivity phenotype
    • Using yeast two-hybrid and BiFC assays, we determined that OsDET1 physically interacts with OsDDB1 and OsCOP10; OsDDA1 binds to the ABA receptors OsPYL5 and OsDDB1
    • These findings suggest that OsDET1 deficiency disturbs the CDD complex, which is responsible for ABA receptor (OsPYL) degradation, eventually leading to ABA sensitivity in rice
    • Additionally, OsDET1 also modulated ABA biosynthesis, as ABA biosynthesis was inhibited in OsDET1 RNAi plants and promoted in OE-OsDET1 plants
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