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    • Furthermore, the molecular role of OsDOF27 in thermal stress tolerance has been elucidated
    • The qRT-PCR analysis revealed that OsDOF27 was significantly upregulated under different abiotic stress treatments in rice, particularly under heat stress
    • Furthermore, the rice transgenic lines with overexpressing OsDOF27 revealed a positive role in mitigating heat stress tolerance
    • Collectively, our results evidently show the intrinsically disorderedness in OsDOF27 and its role in thermal stress response in rice
    • The stress-responsive transcript induction of OsDOF27 was further correlated with enriched abiotic stress-related cis-regulatory elements present in its promoter region
    • The in vivo functional analysis of the potential role of OsDOF27 in thermotolerance was further studied in yeast and in planta
    • Ectopic expression of OsDOF27 in yeast implicates thermotolerance response
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