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    • OsDOG1L-3 regulates seed dormancy through the abscisic acid pathway in rice
    • There were evident promoter and expression differences in OsDOG1L-3 between N22 and Nanjing35, and overexpression or introduction of the N22 OsDOG1L-3 allele in Nanjing35 enhanced its seed dormancy
    • OsDOG1L-3 expression was positively correlated with seed dormancy and induced by ABA
    • Overexpression of OsbZIP75 increased OsDOG1L-3 protein abundance and promoted seed dormancy
    • We propose that the N22 OsDOG1L-3 allele is a candidate gene for the seed dormancy in QTL qSd-1-1, and that it participates in the ABA pathway to establish seed dormancy in rice
    • OsDOG1L-3 upregulated expression of ABA-related genes and increased ABA content
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