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    • Next, to investigate its role during seed maturation, expression of OsERdj7 was specifically downregulated using RNA interference (RNAi) under the control of the endosperm-specific 16<U+2009>kDa prolamin promoter in transgenic rice
    • Due to PDIL2-3 and OsHard3 co-immunoprecipitating with OsERdj7 in rice protoplasts, this result implicates OsERdj7 in the translocation of some seed proteins within the ER lumen and in the degradation of misfolded or unfolded proteins
    • When the microsomal fraction of maturing seeds was treated with alkaline, high salt or detergent compounds, OsERdj7 was solubilized, even in alkaline and high salt environments, indicating that it is not tightly integrated in the ER membrane
    • OsERdj7 is an ER-resident J-protein involved in ER quality control in rice endosperm.
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