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    • A clear difference was observed between RNA interference (RNAi) lines and wild-type in root system architecture and plant height, and the suppression of OsEXPB2 resulted in a visible alteration of the width of the leaf blade
    • The OsEXPB2 promoter contains conserved root hair-specific elements
    • Analysis of spatial and temporal expression patterns demonstrated that OsEXPB2 was predominantly expressed in root of rice
    • All these results suggest that OsEXPB2 is a root-predominant gene with a key role in root-hair formation and has the potential to be utilized in transgenic root breeding to improve abiotic stress tolerance
    • OsEXPB2 expression levels were up-regulated by abiotic stresses, such as phosphate or iron deficiency, and also suppressed by abscisic acid
    • Subcellular localization assay revealed that OsEXPB2 was localized in the cell wall
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