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    • Furthermore, OsFAD2 enhanced tolerance to low temperature when overexpressed in rice at the vegetative stage
    • These results indicated that OsFAD2 is involved in fatty acid desaturation and maintenance of the membrane lipids balance in cells, and could improve the tolerance of yeast and rice to low temperature stress
    • Heterologous expression of OsFAD2 enhanced the yeast cells cold tolerance capacity compared to wild-type yeast
    • More importantly, the 35S::OsFAD2 plants showed significantly enhanced cold tolerance at the reproductive stage, increasing grain yield by 46% over controls in the greenhouse under cold conditions
    • In addition, when the OsFAD2 gene was transferred into an Arabidopsis thaliana fad2-1 mutant, it effectively restored wild-type fatty acid composition and growth characteristics
    • In situ hybridization showed that OsFAD2 mRNA accumulated in leaf mesophyll cells and in root epidermis cells when exposed to 15°C for 4 days in dark conditions
    • Here, we have undertaken further analysis of role of OsFAD2-1 in the developing rice grain
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