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    • OsFTIP7 determines auxin-mediated anther dehiscence in rice.
    • Loss of function of OsFTIP7 reduced the toxicity of the NPs of CuO and ZnO to the seedlings by accumulating more biomass and chlorophyll contents
    • Furthermore, after high exposure to metallic oxide NPs, more indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) were determined in Osftip7 with higher expression of auxin biosynthetic genes than the control seedlings
    • What’s more, IAA-treated seedlings displayed the similar phenotype as Osftip7 under high concentrations of NPs of CuO and ZnO
    • OsFTIP7 determines metallic oxide nanoparticles response and tolerance by regulating auxin biosynthesis in rice
    • Taken together, the results substantiate that OsFTIP7 is involved in metallic oxide nanoparticle-mediated physiological and biochemical changes by negatively regulating auxin biosynthesis in rice
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