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    • In situ hybridization and OsGAE1 promoter analysis revealed that OsGAE1 expressed in shoot apex meristem and young primary leaves
    • OsGAE1 expressed mainly in growing leaf sheath and callus compared to leaf and root
    • Transgenic rice expressing OsGAE1 in antisense orientation exhibited severely affected vegetative and reproductive growth
    • The rice OsGAE1 is a novel gibberellin-regulated gene and involved in rice growth
    • These results suggest that OsGAE1 is differentially expressed in rice leaf sheath in relation to GA(3) and it encodes a functional protein which is involved in GA-regulated growth and development of rice
    • Anti-OsGAE1 antibodies immunoreacted with a protein of 40 kDa in rice leaf sheath
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