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    • Overexpression of OsGLP2-1 quantitatively enhanced resistance to leaf blast, panicle blast and bacterial blight
    • The germin-like protein OsGLP2-1 enhances resistance to fungal blast and bacterial blight in rice.
    • In addition to its resistance to blast and bacterial blight, OsGLP2-1 has also been reported to co-localize with a QTLs for sheath blight resistance in rice
    • These suggest that the disease resistance provided by OsGLP2-1 is quantitative and broad spectrum
    • Together, these results suggest that OsGLP2-1 functions as a positive regulator to modulate disease resistance
    • Moreover, OsGLP2-1 was significantly induced by jasmonic acid (JA)
    • Higher endogenous level of JA was also identified in OsGLP2-1 overexpressing plants than in control plants both before and after pathogen inoculation
    • Compared with empty vector transformed (control) plants, the OsGLP2-1 overexpressing plants exhibited higher levels of H2O2 both before and after pathogen inoculation
    • Overexpression of OsGLP2-1 induced three well-characterized defense-related genes which are associated in JA-dependent pathway after pathogen infection
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