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    • The yeast two-hybrid assay revealed that OsGSR1 interacts with DIM/DWF1, an enzyme that catalyzes the conversion from 24-methylenecholesterol to campesterol in BR biosynthesis
    • These results suggest that OsGSR1 activates BR synthesis by directly regulating a BR biosynthetic enzyme at the post-translational level
    • These results demonstrate that OsGSR1 plays important roles in both BR and GA pathways, and also mediates an interaction between the two signaling pathways
    • RNA interference (RNAi) transgenic rice plants with reduced OsGSR1 expression show phenotypes similar to plants deficient in BR, including short primary roots, erect leaves and reduced fertility
    • OsGSR1 is involved in crosstalk between gibberellins and brassinosteroids in rice
    • Here, we demonstrate that OsGSR1, a member of the GAST (GA-stimulated transcript) gene family, is induced by GA and repressed by BR
    • Furthermore, OsGSR1 RNAi plants show a reduced sensitivity to GA treatment, an increased expression of the GA biosynthetic gene OsGA20ox2, which is feedback inhibited by GA signaling, and an elevated level of endogenous GA: together, these suggest that OsGSR1 is a positive regulator of GA signaling
    • The OsGSR1 RNAi transgenic rice shows a reduced level of endogenous BR, and the dwarf phenotype could be rescued by the application of brassinolide
    • GW6 is highly expressed in the young panicle and increases grain width by promoting cell expansion in the spikelet hull
    • GW6 is induced by GA and its knockout down-regulates the expression of GA biosynthesis genes and decreases GA contents in the young panicle
    • A quantitative trait locus GW6 controls rice grain size and yield through the gibberellin pathway.
    • Here, we report the cloning and characterization of a QTL, GW6 (GRAIN WIDTH 6), which encodes a gibberellin-regulated GAST family protein and positively regulates grain width and weight
    • The knockout of GW6 exhibits reduced grain size and weight, whereas the overexpression of GW6 results in increased grain size and weight
    • We found that a natural variation in the cis element CAAT-box in the promoter of GW6 is associated with its expression level and grain width and weight
    • 44% increase in rice grain yield, indicating that GW6 has great potential to improve grain yield in rice
    • Natural variation in OsGASR7 regulates grain length in rice.
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