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    • Our analyses of subcellular localizations and expression patterns showed that OsHAK21 was localized in the plasma membrane, and expressed in xylem parenchyma and individual endodermal cells (putative passage cells)
    • Here, we report a significant inducement of OsHAK21 expression by high salinity treatment, and provide genetic evidence of the involvement of OsHAK21 in rice salt tolerance
    • The potassium transporter OsHAK21 functions in the maintenance of ion homeostasis and tolerance to salt stress in rice.
    • Disruption of OsHAK21 rendered plants sensitive to salt stress
    • These results demonstrate that OsHAK21 may mediate K(+) absorption by the plasma membrane, and play crucial roles in the maintenance of the Na(+) /K(+) homeostasis in rice under salt stress
    • Further functional characterizations of OsHAK21 in K(+) uptake-deficient yeast and Arabidopsis revealed that OsHAK21 possesses K(+) transporter activity
    • In this study, we mapped one major QTL qSE3 for seed germination and seedling establishment under salinity stress in rice
    • All of these seed physiological changes modulated by qSE3 might contribute to seed germination and seedling establishment under salinity stress
    • This study provides important insights into the roles of qSE3 in seed germination and seedling establishment under salinity stress and facilitates the practical use of qSE3 in rice breeding
    • Based on analysis of single-nucleotide polymorphism data of rice accessions, we identified a HAP3 haplotype of qSE3 that was positively correlated with seed germination under salinity stress
    • To understand the molecular basis of this QTL, we isolated qSE3 by map-based cloning and found that it encodes a K+ transporter gene, OsHAK21
    • The expression of qSE3 was significantly up-regulated by salinity stress in germinating seeds
    • Physiological analysis suggested that qSE3 significantly increased K+ and Na+ uptake in germinating seeds under salinity stress, resulting in increased abscisic acid (ABA) biosynthesis and activated ABA signaling responses
    • Furthermore, qSE3 significantly decreased the H2 O2 level in germinating seeds under salinity stress
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