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    • In this study, we identified a rice Cd transporter, OsLCT1, involved in Cd transport to the grains
    • Low-affinity cation transporter (OsLCT1) regulates cadmium transport into rice grains
    • The knockdown plants of OsLCT1 accumulated approximately half as much Cd in the grains as did the control plants
    • The content of other metals in rice grains and plant growth were not negatively affected by OsLCT1 suppression
    • These results suggest that OsLCT1 functions at the nodes in Cd transport into grains and that in a standard japonica cultivar, the regulation of OsLCT1 enables the generation of low-Cd rice without negative effects on agronomical traits
    • In rice plants, strong OsLCT1 expression was observed in leaf blades and nodes during the reproductive stage
    • RNAi-mediated knockdown of OsLCT1 did not affect xylem-mediated Cd transport but reduced phloem-mediated Cd transport
    • In the uppermost node, OsLCT1 transcripts were detected around large vascular bundles and in diffuse vascular bundles
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