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    • Transcriptome analysis revealed OsLEA1a mainly expressed in embryos, with no or only a few transcripts in osmotic stress-treated vegetative tissues
    • Real-time PCR analysis showed that OsLEA1a was expressed in roots, leaves and panicles of rice, with no or only a few transcripts in stem tissues, and remained at a relatively higher level in leaves during the tillering period, the heading period, the filling period and the full ripe period
    • Characterization of OsLEA1a and its inhibitory effect on the resistance of E. coli to diverse abiotic stresses.
    • The accumulation of the TrxA-OsLEA1a fusion protein or OsLEA1a protein interfered with the resistance of E
    • The findings suggested that the OsLEA1a may confor antibacterial activity under abiotic stresses
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