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    • OsMADS27 regulates the root development in a NO3–Dependent manner and modulates the salt tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.).
    • Here we investigated the roles of OsMADS27 in the root development in response to NO3- availability
    • Constitutive expression of OsMADS27 significantly inhibited the elongation of primary root (PR), but enhanced lateral root (LR) formation in a NO3–dependent manner
    • ABA is reported to play an important role in mediating the effects of NO3- on the root development, thus it is supposed that OsMADS27 might regulate the root growth and development by ABA pathway
    • The root growth and development in OsMADS27 overexpression lines was shown to be more sensitive to exogenous ABA than wild type
    • Taken together, our findings suggested that OsMADS27 is an important regulator controlling the root system development and adaption to osmotic stress in rice
    • OsMADS27 is one of the ANR1-like homologues in rice, whreas its functions in plant growth and development as well as the abiotic stress responses remain unclear
    • More importantly, OsMADS27 overexpression could enhance the salt tolerance
    • Moreover, under NO3- conditions, higher levels of ABA accumulates in OsMADS27 overexpression plants
    • Furthermore, OsMADS27 overexpression promoted NO3- accumulation as well as the expression of NO3- transporter genes
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