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    • Conclusion: The results of this study suggested that OsMBD707 plays important roles in rice growth and development, and should lead to further studies on the functions of OsMBD proteins in growth, development, or other molecular, cellular, and biological processes in rice
    • Overexpression of a methyl-CpG-binding protein gene OsMBD707 leads to larger tiller angles and reduced photoperiod sensitivity in rice
    • Transgenic rice overexpressing OsMBD707 displayed larger tiller angles and reduced photoperiod sensitivity-delayed flowering under short day (SD) and early flowering under long day (LD)
    • We further characterized the function of a rice class I MBD protein OsMBD707, and demonstrated that OsMBD707 is constitutively expressed and localized in the nucleus
    • RNA-seq analysis revealed that overexpression of OsMBD707 led to reduced photoperiod sensitivity in rice and to expression changes in flowering regulator genes in the Ehd1-Hd3a/RFT1 pathway
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