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    • Up-regulation of a magnesium transporter gene OsMGT1 is required for conferring aluminum tolerance in rice
    • When a putative rice (Oryza sativa) Mg transporter gene, Oryza sativa MAGNESIUM TRANSPORTER1 (OsMGT1), was knocked out, the tolerance to Al, but not to cadmium and lanthanum, was decreased
    • Taken together, our results indicate that OsMGT1 is a transporter for Mg uptake in the roots and that up-regulation of this gene is required for conferring Al tolerance in rice by increasing Mg concentration in the cell
    • OsMGT1 was expressed in both the roots and shoots in the absence of Al, but the expression only in the roots was rapidly up-regulated by Al
    • OsMGT1 was also expressed in the phloem region of basal node, leaf blade and sheath
    • Here, we show evidence that a rice Mg transporter OsMGT1 is required for the salt-tolerance probably by regulating transport activity of OsHKT1;5, a key transporter for the removal of Na+ from the xylem sap at the root mature zone
    • Knockout of OsMGT1 did not affect total Na uptake, but increased Na concentration in the shoots and xylem sap, resulting in a significant increase in salt sensitivity at low external Mg2+ concentration (20-200 μM)
    • Spatial expression analysis revealed that OsMGT1 was expressed in all root cells of the root tips, but was highly expressed in the pericycle of root mature zone
    • Taken together, our results suggest that Mg2+ transported by OsMGT1 in the root mature zone is required for enhancing OsHKT1;5 activity, thereby restricting Na accumulation to the shoots
    • A magnesium transporter OsMGT1 plays a critical role in salt tolerance in rice.
    • OsMGT1 was expressed in both the roots and shoots, but only that in the roots was moderately up-regulated by salt stress
    • Furthermore, knockout of OsHKT1;5 in osmgt1 mutant background did not further increase its salt sensitivity
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