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    • Overexpression of OsMsr9 in Arabidopsis and rice showed enhanced salt stress tolerance displaying increased shoot and root elongation, higher survival rates in transgenic plants compared with wild type
    • In a previous study, it has been shown that OsMsr9 was induced by cold, drought and heat stresses
    • Here, we report that OsMsr9 plays roles in salt tolerance in plants
    • Quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) analysis revealed that OsMsr9 was also rapidly and strongly induced by salt stress
    • OsMsr9 might act as a positive regulator of plant salt tolerance with reinforced expression of stress-related genes, such as RD29A, DREB2A and RAB18 in transgenic plants under salt conditions
    • These results indicate that OsMsr9 could be a useful gene in developing transgenic crops with enhanced salt tolerance
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