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    • We recently identified the OsNAC4 gene, which encodes a plant-specific transcription factor that exhibited rapid but transient transcriptional activation during the early stages of HR cell death
    • Role of OsHSP90 and IREN, Ca2+ dependent nuclease, in plant hypersensitive cell death induced by transcription factor OsNAC4
    • We report that overexpression of OsNAC4, which encodes a plant-specific transcription factor, leads to HR cell death accompanied by the loss of plasma membrane integrity, nuclear DNA fragmentation and typical morphological changes
    • The transcription factor OsNAC4 is a key positive regulator of plant hypersensitive cell death
    • In OsNAC4 knock-down lines, HR cell death is markedly decreased in response to avirulent bacterial strains
    • A microarray analysis showed that the expression of 139 genes including OsHSP90 and IREN, encoding a Ca(2+)-dependent nuclease, were different between the OsNAC4 knock-down line and control line during HR cell death
    • Overexpression of OsNAC4 in rice plants induced cell death accompanied by all characteristics of HR cell death: DNA fragmentation, loss of plasma membrane integrity, and protein degradation
    • In OsNAC4 RNAi knock-down lines exposed to an avirulent bacterial strain, the cellular response was characterized by a marked decrease in HR cell death compared to wild-type rice cells
    • Here we report that although OsNAC4 overexpression caused rapid protein degradation during HR cell death, neither IREN nor OsHSP90 were involved
    • Thus, three important processes that accompany HR cell death are regulated by independent signaling pathways that are collectively induced by OsNAC4
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