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    • Additionally, compared with wild type, leaf Mn content in osnramp3 plants was mostly in older leaves
    • Serious necrosis appeared on young leaves and root tips of the OsNRAMP3 knockout line cultivated under low Mn conditions, and high Mn supplies could rescue this phenotype
    • OsNRAMP3 encodes a plasma membrane-localized protein and was specifically expressed in vascular bundles, especially in phloem cells
    • We conclude that OsNRAMP3 is a vascular bundle-localized Mn-influx transporter involved in Mn distribution and contributes to remobilization of Mn from old to young leaves
    • OsNRAMP3 is a vascular bundles-specific manganese transporter that is responsible for manganese distribution in rice
    • Yeast complementation assay showed that OsNRAMP3 is a functional Mn-influx transporter
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