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    • Map-based cloning revealed that all of the observed mutant phenotypes result from a missense mutation in a putative NST gene, Oryza sativa Nucleotide Sugar Transporter1 (OsNST1)
    • OsNST1 was identified as a Golgi-localized transporter by analysis of a fluorescence-tagged OsNST1 expressed in rice protoplast cells and demonstration of UDP-glucose transport activity via uptake assays in yeast
    • The inferior mechanical strength and abnormal development of bc14 plants suggest that OsNST1 has pleiotropic effects on cell wall biosynthesis and plant growth
    • Compositional sugar analyses in total and fractionated wall residues of wild-type and bc14 culms showed a deficiency in the synthesis of glucoconjugated polysaccharides in bc14, indicating that OsNST1 supplies the glucosyl substrate for the formation of matrix polysaccharides, and thereby modulates cellulose biosynthesis
    • A previously undescribed Golgi NST mutant, brittle culm14 (bc14), displays reduced mechanical strength caused by decreased cellulose content and altered wall structure, and exhibits abnormalities in plant development
    • Identification of OsNST1 has improved our understanding of how cell wall polysaccharide synthesis is regulated by Golgi NSTs in plants
    • We previously examined cell wall composition of bc14 and wild type plants
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